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So! My name's Liz, a university student at a Canadian art school who takes the personification of a Forest Unicorn, also known as Forrycorn.
I'm a Canadian who has this obsession with tea, books, movies (Dreamworks and Disney, most animated movies, and a few live actions), cats, snakes, bats, colour, BBC shows, fall, and the quiet.
I am also a Catholic Christian who believes the saying, "Love one another as I love you."
I should mention that I tend to fangirl without warning XD

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do action movies know they can have more than one female character

Someone should make an action movie with all girls except for one guy and have no explanation or mention of it in the movie and then pay all of the actors to act surprised like they’d never noticed when they get the inevitable storm of questions. 

This one male must have a shower scene, be saved by the protagonist at least once, and fall in love with a lead female.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
I'm 19 and my girlfriend is 13, everyone shames our relationship but she's just the most precious thing ever :/
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okay look dude I know you don’t want to hear this

but you are 19 years old and you are dating someone who is 5 years younger than the age of consent in america. If you don’t think you’re going to at least get weird looks when you tell people this, I have some news for you.

but in time she’ll be 23 when he’s 29, number doesn’t really matter because of ageing and all, maybe just the timing?

the problem isn’t the age gap, I mean shit there was about a 5 year age gap between my step father and mother. It’s not the most extreme example but whatever.

The problem is that it’s a 19 year old legal adult dating a middle school aged child.

The probably with age difference in adolescent relationships is the rate of development. I agree that past the age of 24, a 5 head age difference isn’t a huge deal. But between 12 and 24 is when people are going through the hugest development. A 13 year old and a 19 year olds brain chemistry doesn’t even work the same. I’m not saying they couldn’t get along, but the hormone difference there is extremely significant.
I mean, you wouldn’t set a 2 year old up on a playmate with a 7 year old.
5 years is almost half of a 13 year olds life. The higher the age difference is compared to the age of the younger party is important.

My dad graduated from school when my mum was -born-

that’s real fuckin neato but the age difference isn’t the problem, the problem is that a legal fucking adult is dating somebody who should be in middle school like what is so difficult to grasp about this concept.

Ugh, why is everyone judging this relationship? You know nothing about these people except their age gap!

I’d like to point out that you reblogged this and mentioned the age gap being the problem when, on the response I posted literally right above yours, I say that the age gap is not the problem. The problem is IT’S AN ADULT DATING SOMEONE WELL UNDER THE AGE OF CONSENT AND DEFINITELY NOT DEVELOPED ENOUGH TO BE HAVING A SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP, ESPECIALLY NOT ONE WITH A LEGAL FUCKING ADULT.

Read. Please read. Go back to school. Learn how to read. Reading comprehension will save your life.

Mind you this really is bullshit.

They’re gonna get some looks because they have the fact that he’s “illegally” dating. Hell, the age of consent in the usa is a fine fucking line

like I turn 18 this year, my girlfriend turns 17. it’s pretty much gonna be illegal to date her till she turns 18 as well.

also who the hell are you to say the girl isn’t developed enough to have a serious relationship? who the fuck are you to say it’s gotten that serious?

they’re six years apart. you’re getting bent out of shape because it just goes against your assumption as to how early teenagers work as well as it goes against the law.

It’s gonna be against the law for many people anyways.

so maybe YOU need to fucking go back to school and learn common sense

I’ve finally found it

the dumbest response to all of this. It’s finally here.

Oh my god. this is unreal. Let’s start with How the hell did a 19 year old and a 13 year old even meet in context where they could even think starting a romantic relationship is a good idea

When I was 16 I decided to ‘date’ a 27 year old man. I was bright for my age, well rounded and mature and that didn’t stop me from realizing years later that that relationship fucked me up a lot.

The age difference isn’t the issue, nor can you say that being ‘mature’ for your age means those rules shouldn’t apply to you.

Life experience in terms of sex is incredibly important and it’s better for people to start on even footing rather than have two people with such a degree of difference. Someone who is 19 is going to take the lead in the relationship, determine how fast it should go and when it should happen and that’s incredibly detrimental to the younger participant because the power balance is drastic and they just don’t know. They don’t know what is right or wrong in a relationship (verbal or physical abuse can become the norm without them realizing it) and they certainly don’t really know what is attractive to them.

This relationship is going to be how she defines relationships long after and if it is a relationship where she doesn’t have any agency or is mistreated than that, to her, is going to seem normal. This sort of imbalance injures the younger person and it is not a short term injury, this is a long term one that is going to affect her for most of her adult life.

My Husband and I have a 9 year age gap, but I am 24 now, I have had other sexual experiences and other partners and I have, for the most part, dealt with the emotional fuckery I was put through when I was 16. He does not single-handedly define our relationship and I have agency within it.

OP, if you care about this person you will provide her with the space she needs to grow into her own person before attempting any sort of relationship with her. You have barely finished growing yourself despite what you may think.

If anyone knows the OP in RL I recommend reporting them to the police if no change in relationship status occurs. This is not a consensual relationship. Children may be able to say ‘yes’, but they are also incapable, by law, of giving consent. Their ‘yes’ means nothing in the court of law.

Frogman, I have a snake. He's a six month old ball python named Loki and he's a super adorable ball of squish. When I tell people about my babysnake, people respond with things like "I'd kill it if I could! Snakes are gross!" It really upsets me because he's my babysnake and I love him, but I don't know how to respond to them. I know some people have phobias of snakes and I don't want to invalidate them, but at the same time, he's my babysnake and those jokes hurt. How do I talk to them?
forestfairyunicorn forestfairyunicorn Said:


Well, first I would tell them they are jerks for wanting to kill my pet. 

Then after slapping them with a fish…


I would kindly tell them that a domesticated pet snake is very different than finding a snake in the wild. You are raising it, getting it adjusted to humans, and keeping it well fed and healthy so it doesn’t have a crazed temperament that hunger can cause in animals. 

If they have phobias, they don’t have to see or touch the snake. But telling you they would kill your pet is just a jerk move… even if it is in jest.

I would let them know that isn’t cool. Offer to prove them wrong and have them meet Loki. Tell them he makes you happy and you don’t appreciate the death threats and talk of him being gross. Maybe ask how they would feel if you said that about their puppy or kitty. Turn it around on them.

Personally, I think snakes and lizards and all manners of herptiles can be quite cute. But if I found a wild snake hiding in my closet I would run screaming with my arms flailing and then call a braver person than myself to take them back to the wild.  

People need to realize that pets and wild animals are very different things. Even the more slithery ones. 

Snakes are cool. Give Loki a pat on the [wherever snakes like to be patted] for me.



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